Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining our team to become an intern at Noor Family Services.  Interning with our agency will provide an amazing opportunity to make an impact in your community.  Noor Family Services offers internships throughout the year when vacancies are available. 

 At Noor Family Services you will:

Get connected with a dedicated team of passionate and dedicated professionals at the forefront to end domestic violence.
* Develop an understanding of domestic violence and its effect on victims and the community.
* Gain experience in crisis intervention and various advocacy work-related fields
* Learn about the various nuances that affect recovery among immigrant and foreign-born victims
* Examine best options for dealing with culturally sensitive issues among victims
* Help empower victims and survivors to enable them to live positive and productive lives.
* Become more culturally competent by acquiring skills to work effectively in cross-cultural situations

Crisis Intervention Hotline: Safety planning, crisis intervention, building rapport, knowledge of crisis call policies and procedures, scheduling appointments, questions to ask, knowledge of community referrals, data entry into statistical program

Legal Advocacy: Attending protective order hearings with victims, exposure to intake system, understanding of Temporary Protective and Stalking Orders, understanding of Victim's Compensation Program and assisting victim file claims, knowledge of community referrals, data entry into statistical program

Emergency Shelter Programexposure to intake system and case management, knowledge of shelter referral policies and procedures, advocacy, knowledge of community referrals, client file organization and documentation, client transportation, data entry into statistical program

Community Outreach Awareness Program: update social media accounts, represent agency at community events and festivals, promote and assist with fundraising and awareness initiatives, participate in judicial task force against domestic violence, distribute agency information, assist with development of quarterly newsletters


*  Enrollment in an academic program with good standing.
*  Social Skills – flexible, emotionally and socially mature, able to function in a team.
*  Participation in all supervision sessions and meetings as required.
*  Comfortable with basic computer skills, knowledge of using the internet, and MS Office products.
*  Reliable transportation to NFS facilities and training sites

How to Apply:   
To apply for an internship or to volunteer contact:

Email:  info@noorfamilyservices.org
Mail:    P.O. Box 3803, Alpharetta, GA  30023

Call:     770-814-4492

Become a Community Partner

Noor Family Services is a fiscally responsible, well-managed, non-profit organization whose operations are overseen by a 5-member team of board of directors. 

NFS is grateful and appreciative of the many local donors, but our community partners serve a unique role in the overall efficiency of our program operations and we could not accomplish what we do without their important role, investments, and contributions. 

Our community partners include individuals, faith-based communities, social service agencies, advocates, first-responders, and other organizations that are interested in addressing the growing pandemic of domestic violence in immigrant communities and have a desire to work with NFS to eradicate this problem. 

Community partners do their part by providing generous financial and in-kind support to our operations. 

If you’re interested in becoming a community partner with NFS, please call 770-814-4492.   We’ll be happy to identify our needs and determine how your support can have the greatest impact.


How Faith-Based Communities Can Help NFS 
The vision of Noor Family Service began in a local social gathering, and faith-based communities have been an integral part of our operations since we opened our doors. We are particularly proud that immigrant and faith-based communities have joined together to ensure that we have the physical, spiritual, moral, and financial support to allow us to fulfill our culturally-sensitive mission.

Domestic violence crosses all faiths, so we partner with religious/spiritual communities from various faith backgrounds all over the metro-Atlanta area to provide culturally-sensitive services to domestic violence victims and survivors to their worshippers.  

Have you learned (or do you suspect) that a woman in your congregation is in an unsafe relationship? Noor Family Services can help and provide guidance.  Just call us 770-814-4492.
Few Imams, clergy, and lay leaders have training for the religious challenges related to culturally-impacted domestic violence. Do you know the right steps to take when you suspect abuse? What should you do when a community member comes to you for help? (Couples’ counseling is rarely the right answer.) Once a year, we host training to build understanding of how domestic violence is affecting your congregation and what you can do about it from a religious perspective.


Our outreach efforts allows religious leaders to receive training to properly address domestic violence in their communities and teaches skills to engage with one another and brainstorm viable solutions to deal with the trauma of family violence and the cultural nuances that affect its victims. Contact Noor Family Services and be a part of the solution.

If you would like to sign up for Faith-Based Leadership Training, send an email to info@noorfamilyservices.org

If your faith-based community is currently not a member, but would like to join in this partnership, please call 770-814-4492  to learn how you can participate.