Noor Family Services was established in Alpharetta, Georgia in November 2015 to provide culturally-sensitive services to clients of immigrant and minority communities who need support systems, but whose needs are not adequately met by mainstream agencies 

NFS is committed to working towards a world free of family violence  by working with faith-based communities, local domestic violence advocacy groups, and concerned community members.  After all, education and training are key to changing entrenched attitudes and norms that can facilitate and perpetuate cycles of violence.  In addition to offering education opportunities, NFS provides pro bono legal services, in addition to referrals for various up port services, such as counseling, advocacy, crisis management, job search and life coaching.  


November 2015 – The founding board of Noor Family Services initiates the process of establishing an organization that can meet the needs of domestic violence survivors of the underserved immigrant communities.

April 2016 - Noor Family services officially opens a new central office as a base for establishing the agency and laying the groundwork for the provision of services.

May 2016 – Noor Family Services is born and the founding board begins efforts to partner with community members and other social service organization
October 2016 – Noor Family Services begins its formal abuse intervention efforts and officially kicks off the agency at its Gala Launch.

November 2016  -  NFS obtains 501(c)(3) non-profit agency status by the Internal Revenue Service

November 2016 - NFS conducts its first training of DV advocates about assisting clients through the legal process and its first training for imams on the issues of family violence in the Muslim immigrant community


NFS is a non- profit 501(c)3 organization that was formed in 2015 to fill a need in the community for confidential, culturally-sensitive services and assistance  to immigrant communities experiencing “crisis” due to family violence and abuse. These crises may be exacerbated due to language barriers, cultural stigmas, and emotional challenges such as loneliness, depression, abuse, violence or just the need for a friendly ear.  NFS is available to answer questions for clients in crisis or needing guidance to prevent a crisis situation.  NFS will listen and provide referrals, as well as provide legal and advocacy services as necessary.

NFS is also committed to educating immigrant communities about the often complicated nuances of family relationships, communication problems, civil rights issues, and family violence.  The aim of NFS is to ultimately change entrenched attitudes that can perpetuate cycles of violence and gender inequality.

At the same time, we will coordinate with other agencies and advocacy groups to provide cultural sensitivity training and answer questions about the unique experiences of immigrant and foreign-born groups.


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Less than one year ago, Noor Family Services started with just a dream and had nothing tangible. But now, we have established processes, resources to contact, and an office where clients can call and receive help. We also have several dedicated volunteers, community partners, private donors, and supporters who have made our dream a reality.

Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors! You have made a real difference in the lives of the survivors of domestic violence and their children whom we serve.

                              Chama Ibrahim


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